What Users say about Resonate Media Manager:

"Over many years with my ministry of Biblical preaching I made extensive use of recorded messages from other preachers, on tapes a long time ago, then cassettes for many years and more recently CD's. However it was often quite difficult to access this material so I think the advent of Resonate is a great innovation. Over the last few years I have been intrigued at the numbers of people who told me they had been listening to sermons of mine until I realised they were accessing them on Resonate. So I'd be keen to encourage many churches to make their messages available for the encouragement of others."
     Murray Robertson
Pastor Emeritus, South West Baptist Church
"South West Baptist Church uses Resonate extensively. It has enhanced what we can offer our people in terms of message mp3's, notes and power point slides. It has significantly helped our life group leaders, and people overseas to stay in touch with us, and is proving to be a great resource. I would highly recommend it."

 Alan Jamieson
Senior Pastor, South West Baptist Church

"Today, communication in this information driven world is more important than ever. Resonate excites me because it allows local Churches, large and small, to present thier message well to their community and virtually to the world. Today as never before we are able to share the message of the gospel with anyone who is willing to listen. Resonate will help New Zealand churches do just that."

 Bevan Burgess
Riccarton Community Church


"At St Augustines we love Resonate, especially those of us who have 'roles' with youth, children that keep us busy on Sunday and therefore not in the church to hear the sermon.

No problem - just listen to it later in the week on Resonate. Cool!

Also, when we were doing a series on Nehemiah recently - for a technical recording reason we missed a week. Very shortly afterwards we were contacted by someone in Nelson who was wondering where the next one was as they were enjoying the series! Even better, they weren't from an Anglican church which shows just how 'non-denominational' Resonate can be.

I had a friend visiting from Dunedin who heard the first one of a 3 part sermon-series. She really enjoyed it and wants to hear the next 2. No problem - just point her towards Resonate!

Finally, we've had some youth doing mission stints recently in Fiji. On their return they have delivered talks about their exeriences - one has a grandmother in England who desperatley wants to hear the talk.  No problem - just point her towards Resonate. You're international now!

Heaps of Blessings and keep up the awesome work!!

  Parish Administrator, St Augustines Parish
"Using Resonate has dramatically reduced the time it takes each week to manage our podcasts and due to its simple and clean interface means it's now possible for other staff and volunteers to manage our online audio and video needs with a minimum amount of training or previous experience. This is hugely important to us as our church expands, and we look to add more and more content online." 
"Resonate has made my job easier and has made me look good! They are continually developing new and exciting features and we look forward to Resonate being a core part of Grace Vineyard's online presence for years to come."

 Daniel Huisman
Multimedia Manager

"Resonate has given us a way to effectively manage our Media and provides an easy to setup link back into our web site giving a very efficient way to resource our weekly Life Groups. Without Resonate we would not be able to provide our congregation the flexibility that we currently enjoy."

 Nathan Schwartfeger
Communications Team, SPREYDON Baptist Church

"As a small organisation working with young adults, being able to use media online well is critical. Resonate allows us to put talks and resources on our website without hassle or lots of code. It saves us countless hours, and allows us to focus on our core mission of equipping people to know the gospel, know the culture and translate well."

 Roshan Allpress
CEO, Compass Foundation

"At St Margarets Presbyterian Church we feel that Resonate is playing a huge part in allowing Christians and others to hear and see the word of God preached, so we really appreciate being able to upload our Sunday Service in a video format. The reason for the video format is that our minister uses power point presentation for the Bible readings, points of interest,  plus  illustrations being made during the sermon. In this way people looking at the sermon feel (via the internet) that they are part of the Sunday Service.  Going by the statistics it is being well used as well as uploading the sermon to our churches own web site."

 Keith Lyon
Video Multimedia Manager, St Margerets Presyterian

  We enjoyed the chance to trial the Resonate service for General Assembly 2010. It was easy to upload material and I like the way that we could customise the box that appears on our website. I also like the ability of listeners to choose how they want to listen to the audio, whether streamed or download for their mp3 players. The interface is intuitive and many people enjoyed the chance to listen again to the speakers at GA10 and to pass on the link to others who weren't there. It was much more efficient than hosting the audio on our own site, and provided a better look-and-feel in terms of user experience.

 Amanda Wells
Communications Manager, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand