South West Baptist Church uses Resonate extensively. It has enhanced what we can offer our people in terms of message mp3's, notes and power point slides. It has significantly helped our life group leaders, and people overseas to stay in touch with us, and is proving to be a great resource. I would highly recommend it.

– Alan Jamieson : Senior Pastor, South West Baptist Church

Today, communication in this information driven world is more important than ever. Resonate excites me because it allows Churches, large and small, to present their message well to their community and virtually to the world. Today as never before we are able to share the message of the gospel with anyone who is willing to listen. Resonate will help New Zealand churches do just that.

– Bevan Burgess : Riccarton Community Church

Resonate is a unique resource in NZ as it brings together the "One Gospel Message through Many Voices". I love their passion to stay relevant with the latest technology so the message can get out creatively and effectively....

– Gideon Hoekendijk, Senior Pastor, Harmony Church, Christchurch.

Resonate is easy to upload material and I like the way you can customise the box that appears on our website. I also like the ability to choose how you want to listen to the audio, whether streamed or download for mp3 players. The interface is intuitive and many people enjoy the chance to listen again to speakers and to pass on the link to others.

– Amanda Wells : Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa

Using Resonate has dramatically reduced the time it takes each week to manage our podcasts and due to its simple and clean interface means it's now possible for other staff and volunteers to manage our online audio and video needs with a minimum amount of training or previous experience. This is hugely important to us as our church expands, and we look to add more and more content online.

– Daniel Huisman